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What is Everest Panel ?

Everest Panel is a cutting-edge SHOUTcast and IceCast Hosting Control Panel, specifically designed for Audio Stream Hosting Providers and Broadcasters. Tailored for internet radio hosting, Everest Panel allows for seamless stream management, making it an essential tool in the realm of internet radio stream hosting.

Whether you're a stream hosting provider, a data center, or an individual broadcaster, Everest Panel equips you with the ability to effortlessly create both individual and reseller accounts. As a full-suite Live Radio Station Automation Control Panel, it provides the capability to streamline all operations pertinent to internet radio broadcasting.

Are you considering starting a business offering stream hosting services, or are you already a provider looking to optimize your services? Everest Panel is the solution you've been searching for. Our Audio Streaming Control Panel provides a unified dashboard from which you can create and configure individual and reseller accounts. Customization options include adjusting the bitrate, bandwidth, and space according to the specific needs of your clients, paving the way for a personalized service.

Everest Panel is recognized as one of the most feature-rich streaming panels in the market for Internet Radio Operators and Broadcasters. With its extensive functionalities, you'll be empowered to manage all your broadcasts effectively. Empower your music, shows, interviews, and more with automation from one easy-to-use platform. Everest Panel is not just a tool; it's a broadcasting revolution. Stream your music, concerts, interviews, and more with the rich automation features it offers. Simple to navigate, and packed with powerful features, Everest Panel is the perfect companion for all your streaming needs.

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Cutting-Edge Technologies

We have developed our audio streaming panel with the latest available technologies to deliver a superior audio streaming experience to you at all times!

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Multilangual Interface

Everest Panel is available in more than 12 different languages by default. Everest Panel allows you to choose to view the Panel interface in many different languages.

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Do you want to start your own SHOUTcast & Icecast Hosting Business ?

Are you a stream hosting provider or do you wish to start a new business by offering stream hosting services? Then you should take a look at our Audio Streaming Control Panel. Everest Panel provides you with a single dashboard, where you can create individual accounts and reseller accounts with ease. Then you can configure those accounts by adding bitrate, bandwidth, space, and bandwidth as per the preferences of your clients and sell them.

  • SHOUTcast/IceCast Streaming Control Panel
  • Stand-Alone Control Panel
  • Advance Reseller System
  • Multilingual System
  • WHMCS Billing Automation
  • Free Install, Support & Updates
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Everest Panel is one of the most feature-rich streaming panels available out there for Internet Radio Operators and broadcasters.

Features for Broadcasters

The best audio streaming panel for Broadcasters

Everest Panel is one of the most feature-rich streaming panels available out there for Internet Radio Operators and broadcasters. When you start using it, you will be able to manage all your broadcasts efficiently. Here are some of the key features that you can get out of it:

  • Powerful playlist manager
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Simulcasting to Social Media
  • HTTPS Streaming

Live Radio Station Automation

Everest Panel makes sure you don't have to manually operate live radio or online radio streaming.

Drag and Drop File Uploading

You won't have any trouble adding audio files to the streaming player. This is due to the fact that it gives you access to a simple drag-and-drop file uploader.

Advanced Playlist Scheduling

This playlist scheduler has several fantastic capabilities that are not included in more conventional playlist schedulers available in traditional audio streaming control panels.

HTTPS/SSL Streaming

With Everest Panel, everyone can enjoy HTTPS streaming. Anyone may enjoy secure streaming thanks to this.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

You can collect some helpful data about your attempts at audio streaming with the help of reporting and statistics.

Website Integration Widgets

Everest Panel is another option for website owners who want to include audio sources.

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Automate your Music, Shows, Interviews, and More from one easy to use platform

Use Everest Panel to stream your music, concerts, interviews, and anything in between. This is an easy to use platform for anyone, and you will surely love the rich automation features that come with it.



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Free for 15 Days
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Load Balancing

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  • SHOUTcast/IceCast Streams
  • Access to the Load & Geo Balance System
  • Reseller Option
  • Access to All Futures
  • Free Install, Support & Updates
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Migration Assist

Switching to Everest Panel is super easy!

We understand that most companies already have Everest Cast Pro Control Panel in place to manage their SHOUTcast & hosting clients and worry about the difficulties of switching to a new Streaming Control Panel “Everest Panel”. With that in mind, we provide the migration tool & guides, and automation scripts in order to make life easy for you with importing. We have migration tools available for:

  • Everest Cast Pro to Everest Panel
  • Centova Cast to Everest Panel
  • MediaCP to Everest Panel
  • Azura Cast to Everest Panel
  • Sonic Panel to Everest Panel

Who can use Everest Panel?

Online Radio Operators

Do you want to operate your own online radio station? Then you will surely fall in love with the features of Everest Panel.

Social Media Streamers

You can now stream your audio files easily over social media networks with the help of Everest Panel.

Churches & Religious Organizations

Church sermons can now be streamed via the internet to your followers. You just need to configure and start using Everest Panel.

News Broadcasters

Everest Panel provides a reliable platform for news broadcasters to spread news around the world for anyone interested.

Event Organizers

While planning an event, you would want to get your audio streams across to participants. Everest Panel is the right solution available.

Government Organizations

Government organizations that look for a robust and a reliable tool to get audio streams across can use Everest Panel.

Schools & Colleges

The user-friendly interface of Everest Panel helps schools and colleges to have their own audio streams over the internet.

Media Companies

Anyone engaged with media campaigns, who looks for a way to get content across can use Everest Panel.


Any band that wants to get music across to fans through audio streaming can use features available with Everest Panel.


As a musician, you will surely enjoy the help that Everest Panel offers to get your music across to fans all around the world.


Your business can customize and start using Everest Panel for all your business-related audio streams without a doubt in mind.

Data Center

You can now serve clients who wish to get audio streaming servers with Everest Panel.

Hosting Companies

Everest Panel provides you a single dashboard, where you can create individual accounts and reseller accounts with ease.

Other Audio Streamers

Everest Panel is a great solution available for anyone who wishes to stream audio content. The features of Everest Panel are outstanding.

And Many More...

These are just some of the features that Everest Panel is offering. Just get hold of it and see what it offers.

Industry 1st Load-Balancing
& Geo-Balancing
Control Panel

Everest Panel also offers geographical load balancing or geo-balancing to the Hosting Providers. We know that our audio streamers are streaming content to listeners all around the world. We provide an efficient streaming experience to them with the help of the geo-balancing system.

Recommend OS for Everest Panel

Compatible OS

Before installing Everest Panel, you should make sure that your server is running based on one of the operating systems mentioned below:

Simulcasting to Social Media

Simulcasting to Social Media

Would you want to grow your audience? Then you need to investigate simulcasting. You may locate folks who are interested in listening to your broadcasts on a variety of different sites. All you have to do is find those platforms and start streaming to them.

You have the option to simulcast your audio feeds to a select number of different platforms using Everest Panel. Facebook and YouTube are two of their most well-known platforms. To start simulcasting, you need a Facebook page and a YouTube account. You can activate simulcasting on Everest Panel after performing some basic setup. It would be simple for you to let interested individuals listen to your audio broadcasts by sharing the name of your Facebook profile or YouTube channel. You may get all the assistance you need with Everest Panel.



And More...

How We Work ?

Collect Ideas / Listen Client's Feedback

We will initially get in touch with you and get to know about your requirement in detail.

System Development and Execution

Upon deployment on the servers, we will do extensive product testing and ensure proper functionality.

Product Testing & Deliver the Final Product, Release Update

Once testing is completed, we will deliver your final product. If there are any further changes, we will send them as updates.


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