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We provide a variety of packages, which are ideal for everyone. Whether you are a single broadcaster or you operate an Enterprise level, we got the right package for you. Our pricing plans are customized according to your specific needs as well. Simply take a look at the packages we offer and pick the best one out of them!


Yearly (Save 20%)


Free year
  • SHOUTcast/IceCast Streams
  • Create Upto Unlimited Stations
  • Reseller Option
  • Access to All Futures
  • License Valid for 15 Days
  • Free Install, Support & Updates
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Load Balancing

$49.77 month
$499 year
  • SHOUTcast/IceCast Streams
  • Access to the Load & Geo Balance System
  • Reseller Option
  • Access to All Futures
  • Free Install, Support & Updates
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Free Install, Support & Updates

Install for free, and get continuous support and update. You will surely love the experience.

HTTPS streaming

For HTTPS streaming, you are not required to pay a premium fee; it is provided without charge. Simply let your streamers to enjoy the advantages that come with it.

Cancel at Any Time

You can cancel or upgrade your Everest Panel Subscription at any time. If you want further assistance to cancel your subscription, please contact our customer support team at anytime.

Recommend OS for Everest Panel

Compatible OS

Before installing Everest Panel, you should make sure that your server is running based on one of the operating systems mentioned below:

Simulcasting to Social Media

Minimum Server Requirement

Minimum 1 Core CPU

HDD/Nvme/SSD As per your Need


Minimum 1 GB RAM

Network and Firewall.

It is required that your server have the following ports available to operate the Everest Panel:

80 - 443 - 21

Port Range:
1025 - 65535

Follow the Installation Manual

Follow the Documentation

Presales Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

Just Install and Try for a 15 Days. No Registration Required. Try our software license free for a 15 days and if you liked our software then only go for the Regular License Price & Registration Process.

There are no contracts. You can cancel the service at any time.

There are no hidden fees associated with our service. This is not the type of service we like to provide. If you close your account within the money-back period, we refund the money minus our processing fee.

We accept all major forms of credit cards which include Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover. We also take PayPal payments via 2Checkout & FastSpring. Fore More payment option please kindly consult with our Sales & Support Team.

Our preferred method is by using a web-based support desk where support tickets can be tracked, time-stamped, and logged. That way we can generate performance reports to make sure we're doing what we promise-- answering your support tickets in four hours or less! To keep our Control Panel at such a reasonable price, we don't have a 24-hour call center. Our support desk is available at all hours!

For Instant Messaging Please kindly Contact us Via Skype or WhatsApp: +977-9851062538

For Resellers or customers using multiple licenses, we are happy to discount your licenses based on the number of licenses you own. One Instance refers to a single installation on a physical server. Purchasing multiple licenses? Take advantage of our special volume discounts.






If you have purchased VDO Panel license then it will instantly be activated. And if you have purchased Dedicated Server or VPS then It will take nearly 12-15 hours to activate it. All account login details such as your control panel login information, server info et cetera will be sent in your welcome email. But, please, note that notifications from 2Checkout/FastSpring come right after the transaction has been processed successfully.

All Licenses are active within 7 days after the renewal date, for 8 days suspended and then terminated.

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