Features for Broadcasters, Internet Radio Operators

Everest Panel is one of the most feature-rich streaming panels available out there for Internet Radio Operators and broadcasters.


SSL HTTPS websites are trusted by people. On the other hand, search engines tend to trust websites with SSL certificates. You must have an SSL certificate installed on your video stream, which will make it more secure. On top of that, it will contribute a lot to your trust and credibility as a media content streamer. You can easily earn that trust and credibility when you are using the Everest Panel host for streaming Audio content. That's because you can get comprehensive SSL HTTPS support along with your Audio stream host.

Nobody would want to stream content from an insecure stream. We are all aware of all scams that are taking place out there, and your viewers would want to keep themselves safe at all times. Hence, you will have a difficult time in terms of attracting more viewers to your Audio stream. When you start using the Everest Panel host, it will not be a major challenge because you will get the SSL certificate by default. Hence, you can make your video streaming URLs look like trusted sources for the people who are interested in getting hold of them.

Youtube Downloader

YouTube has the biggest video content database on the internet. As a Audio stream broadcaster, you will find numerous valuable resources on YouTube. Hence, you will come across the need to download content available on YouTube and restream them on your own. Everest Panel allows you to do it with less hassle.

YouTube Downloader will allow you to download YouTube videos and convert to mp3 format under your station file manager under this directory : [ youtube-downloads ]. Along with Everest Panel, you can get a comprehensive YouTube Audio downloader. You have the freedom to download any YouTube Video’s audio file with the help of this downloader. The downloaded audio can then be added to your playlist, so that you can proceed with streaming them. YouTube Downloader supports downloading a single youtube URL or playlist.

Stream Recording

While you are streaming content, you might come across the need to record it as well. This is where most audio streamers tend to get the help of third-party recording tools. You can indeed use a third-party recording tool to record the stream. However, it will not always provide the most convenient stream recording experience to you. For example, you will mostly have to pay and buy stream recording software. You cannot expect the stream recording to be of the highest quality as well. The in-built stream recording feature of the Everest Panel allows you to stay away from this struggle.

The in-built stream recording feature of the Everest Panel allows you to record your live streams directly. You can have the server storage space to save the recorded audio files. They will be available under a folder named "recording". You can easily access the recorded audio files via the file manager. Then you can export the recorded file, which you can use for any other purpose. For example, you might even be able to take these recorded files and add them to your Everest Panel playlist again. It will help you with saving time in the long run.

Advance Jingles Scheduler

Do you have more than one jingle to play along with your audio stream? Then you can use the advanced jingles scheduler that come along with Everest Panel. Playing the same single over and over again in pre-defined time intervals can be boring for listeners. Instead, you would love to customize the duration and the exact jingle that you play. This is where the advance jingled scheduler of Everest Panel can help.

You can upload multiple jingles into the schedule and customize them. Likewise, you can also configure the durations on when you should play them. There is no need for you to be behind the panel and play jingles manually, as the jingles scheduler will do your job.

DJ Option

Everest Panel provides a complete DJ solution as well. There is no need for you to hire a virtual DJ or use any of the DJ software to deliver a perfect DJ experience to your listeners. That’s because Everest Panel provides you the opportunity to become a DJ through an inbuilt feature.

You will be able to use the DJ option to set up a comprehensive Web DJ on Everest Panel. There is no need to have access to any third party software for this. That’s because the Web DJ tool of Everest Panel is a feature that is built into it. This is a comprehensive virtual DJ tool, and you will be able to access some great features out of it. For example, you will be able to provide the best entertainment experience to your listeners through this web DJ on Everest Panel.

Advance Rotations System

After creating a playlist, you will simply be rotating the same set of songs over and over again. However, you need to make sure that you don’t replay the songs in same sequential order. If you do that, your listeners will get bored with the experience that you offer to them. This is where you can think about using Everest Panel and its advanced rotations system.

The advanced rotations system that you can get along with Everest Panel will randomize the rotations of your audio tracks. Therefore, no person who listens to your music stream will be able to predict what would come next. It can make your audio stream more interesting for the listeners. Therefore, you can even get the same set of listeners to listen to your audio stream every single day.

URL Branding

As you stream audio content, you will continue to promote your streaming URLs. Imagine the positive impact that you can create on your brand by customizing the URL you share, instead of sharing a general long URL. This is where the URL branding feature of Everest Panel will be able to help you.

After generating the URL of your audio stream, you have complete freedom to customize it with Everest Panel. You just need to use the feature and change the way how your URL reads. We strongly encourage you to add your branding into the URL, so that you can create a stronger impact with it. People who see your audio stream URL will be able to quickly figure out what they can get out of the stream. On the other hand, you can make life easy for all interested people to remember your URL as well. This will help you to attract more listeners to the audio stream in the long run.

Modern and Mobile Friendly Dashboard

Everest Panel provides a rich and a user-friendly dashboard. This is a modern looking dashboard, where different elements are placed in locations, so that you can easily access them. Even if you are using Everest Panel for the very first time, you will not encounter any challenges with understanding where exactly content is placed. That’s because you can quickly see the different placement options and you can learn how to use it as you go.

Another great thing about the dashboard of Everest Panel is that it is completely mobile friendly. You will be able to access Everest Panel on your mobile device and have complete control over all features that you can find in it. It provides you the freedom to continue streaming on the go.

Multiple Bitrate Options

If you are streaming content to a group of users who have a limited bandwidth, you will come across the need to limit bitrate. You can do it easily from Everest Panel as well. It provides you with access to a panel, where you can change the bitrate according to the specific needs that you have. You have all the freedom to add a custom bitrate. Once you do that, your audio will stream in the selected bitrate. This will help you with offering an even better experience to the people who use your audio streaming panel.

No person with limited bandwidth will experience buffering when you are streaming content with different bitrate options. You will be able to offer a great overall experience to anyone who connects to your audio streams.

Multiple Channel Options

As an audio streamer, you will not just want to go ahead with one channel. Instead, you will need to stream with multiple channels. Everest Panel provides you the chance to do it without a challenge as well. You will be able to have any number of channels you want with Everest Panel.

One of the biggest challenges in maintaining multiple channels is the time and hassle you have to face at the time of managing them. Everest Panel makes sure that you don’t have to go through a challenging experience to manage multiple channels. You just need to get the benefits that come along with rich automation capabilities to manage multiple channels. This will provide a smoother overall experience to you with managing multiple channels without a problem.

Control Service to Start, Stop and Restart Stream Service

One of the greatest things about Everest Panel is the support that it provides you with managing your stream service according to the way you want. If you want to start or stop the stream service, you can easily do it with the help of Everest Panel. Even if there is a need to restart the stream service, you can get work done without a challenge while you are using Everest Panel.

Let’s assume that you want to start your stream in the morning and stop it in the evening. You can easily do it with Everest Panel. This will help you to make sure that your streams are not being left unattended. If there is a problem with the stream, and if you want to restart it, you can quickly do it within a matter of few clicks.

Quick Links

Everest Panel is one of the most user-friendly audio streaming players that you can find out there. In other words, it provides helpful features to you in getting work done without a challenge. The availability of quick links is a perfect example to prove the above-mentioned fact.

At the time of managing an audio stream, you will come across the need to pay attention to multiple factors. This is where you should focus on the quick links feature available at Everest Panel. Then you can gain access to some useful shortcuts, which will assist you with getting work done without a challenge. These shortcuts will help you with saving a considerable amount of time on a daily basis. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

Multilingual Support

Do you want to get people from all around the world to listen to your audio streams? Then you can get the most out of multilingual support available at Everest Panel. It is an attractive feature that any person can get out of this audio streaming panel. Multilingual support will not just benefit the listeners, but also the streamers.

If you are a streamer, but if your first language is not English, you will have challenging situations when you try to figure out the features available in your audio streaming panel. This is where multilingual support can help. You will be able to receive support in your own local language. As of now, Everest Panel supports many languages. You just need to proceed with getting support in your preferred language.


When you are streaming audio, CrossFade is one of the most impressive audio effects that you can possibly have. If you are looking forward to getting this effect, you should use Everest Panel. It comes with in-built cross-fading functionality, which will assist you with smoothening the playing of songs as per your preferences.

Once a song comes to an end, you would not want to start the next song all of a sudden. Instead, you will prefer to have a smooth transition in between. This will contribute a lot towards the overall listening experience of your listeners. You may think about using the most out of cross fade functionality in Everest Panel to get work done. This will provide another great reason for the people to listen to your audio streams and stick to it.

Website Integration Widgets

Anyone who wishes to integrate audio streams into the website can also think about using Everest Panel. That’s because it provides you with access to some outstanding website integration widgets. You have the freedom to integrate these widgets and allow the audio stream to be played through your website.

You can also get some useful work done out of these widgets. For example, the widgets can keep all your listeners up to date with what is coming up on your radio station. You can create the widgets from Everest Panel and get the code for embedding on your website. After that, you can visit the website and embed content using the HTML code. You will be able to custom brand your widgets without encountering any major challenges with Everest Panel as well.

Simulcasting to social media like Facebook, YouTube etc.

Do you wish to enhance your audience? Then you should take a look at simulcasting. There are multiple other platforms, where you can find people who are interested in listening to your streams. You just need to locate those platforms and proceed with streaming to them.

Everest Panel provides you the freedom to simulcast your audio streams to few other platforms. Two of the most popular platforms out of them include Facebook and YouTube. You just need to have a Facebook channel and a YouTube channel to proceed with simulcasting. After doing some basic configurations on Everest Panel, you may enable simulcasting. It would be quite easy for you to share the Facebook profile name or YouTube channel name and allow interested people to listen to your audio streams. Everest Panel provides all the help you want with it.

Advanced Statistics & Reporting

Reporting and statistics can assist you with gathering some useful information with related to your audio streaming efforts. For example, it can help you understand whether your streaming efforts are delivering worthwhile results or not. You can gain access to useful and detailed statistics and reports from Everest Panel.

When you take a look at the reports, you can get a better overall picture about your audio streaming efforts. For example, it is possible for you to see what tracks have been played at different time slots. You will also be able to export these reports to a CSV file as well. Then you can store all your data or use them for further analysis. It captures all detailed statistics, and you just need to use collected information to take your audio streaming efforts on Everest Panel to the next level.

HTTPS Streaming (SSL Streaming Link)

Anyone can experience HTTPS streaming with Everest Panel. This provides a secure streaming experience to anyone. We are living in a world where we pay special attention to security. Hence, it is a must for you to get HTTP streaming for your audio streaming service. Then you can make sure that no security issues would hinder the streaming experience that your listeners would get.

The HTTPS streaming in Everest Panel would take place through the 443 port. This port is compatible with the different CDN services that exist out there such as Cloudflare. Hence, your streamers will never have to experience any challenge as they continue to stream audio content on Everest Panel. There is no need for you to pay a premium price for HTTPS streaming, and it comes to you by default. You just need to let your streamers experience the benefits that come along with it.

GeoIP Country Locking

Do you want to control access of your audio stream only to people who come from specific countries? Everest Panel provides you the freedom to do it as well. That’s because you can access GeoIP country locking with Everest Panel.

Once you enable GeoIP country locking, you can determine what countries have the access to listen to your streaming services or not. People who come from countries where you have blocked content will not be able to access the audio stream. You have the freedom to add or remove countries from the GeoIP list based on your specific preferences as well. If you wish to have a limited audience for your audio streams, you can whitelist those countries. Then all other countries that are not included in the whitelist will be blocked out from your streaming service.

Jingle Audio

When you are streaming audio, you will come across the need to play audio jingles regularly. Everest Panel can assist you with playing such audio jingles without a challenge. You will be able to record your jingles and upload them to Everest Panel. In fact, you can specifically mention them as jingles on Everest Panel. Then you will be able to play those jingles on top of the Scheduled Playlists or General Rotations, just like what radio stations are doing.

You will never come across the need to play a jingle manually You just need to configure playing the jingle at a regular interval. You have complete control over how you want the jingle to be played. Hence, you can go ahead and get the most out of Everest Panel for a quality streaming experience.

Powerful Playlist Manager

When you are into audio streaming, you will come across the need to use a powerful playlist manager. This is where Everest Panel can benefit you. It is not just a powerful playlist manager, but also a playlist manager that comes with multiple smart features.

If you wish to create a fixed playlist manually, you may go ahead and do it with Everest Panel. On the other hand, you can also use tags to create dynamic playlists based on your preferences as well. If there is a need to self-populate the playlist, you can get all the help you want out of Everest Panel. The playlist will work perfectly well along with the media library. Hence, you will be able to get work done without encountering any major difficulties.

Drag & Drop File Uploader

Uploading audio files into the streaming player will not be a challenge to you as well. That’s because it provides you with access to an intuitive drag and drop file uploader. You have the freedom to upload any compatible audio track in your computer to the audio streaming panel. All you have to do is to locate the audio file on your computer, and then drag and drop it to the player. Once you do that, the audio track will get uploaded into the system. Then you can add it to the playlist or do whatever you want.

If you have a need to upload even multiple files at the same time, you may think about using the same feature. This is where you should select multiple files and then upload all of them into the player. Regardless of the number of files you select, this player is intelligent enough to upload them into the system effectively. You just need to experience the benefits and convenience that come along with it.

Advanced Playlists Scheduler

Along with Everest Panel, you can get an advanced playlist scheduler as well. This playlist scheduler comes along with some great features, which you don’t see in a traditional playlist scheduler that you can find in an audio streaming control panel. Since you have access to more features, you can get the most out of them to make your audio streaming experience a great one.

The process of adding music tracks into the playlist is never a challenging thing to do. You can add any audio track or song into the standard rotation playlist. Then you can define whether to play the files in shuffled playback order or in sequential order. If there is a need for you to schedule the playlist in order to play specific tracks at specific times, you have the freedom to do it as well. You will also be able to play tracks once per a specific number of minutes or a song. Likewise, you are getting complete control over your playlist from this tool.

Web Radio & Live Radio Station Automation

Everest Panel ensures that you don’t have to manually work on streaming web radio or live radio. It comes with some advanced automation features. You just need to configure parameters for automation, and you can continue to use it as per the way you want.

You just need to use features available on Everest Panel to create and schedule your server side playlists. After that, you will be able to simply automate audio streaming. There is no need for a person to stay behind your audio stream. This will help you with reducing your overall workload of audio streaming. On top of that, you will get the opportunity to manage multiple audio streams with ease as well. There is no need for you to do everything, and you can experience all the great benefits that come along with automation.